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My passion for cycling came later in life as I looked for healthy options to promote wellness. With multiple businesses under my belt and a love for cycling, starting a company around my passion was a dream come true for me. Focussing exclusively on carbon cycles was borne of my own riding and the underlying belief in the premium experience it offers.

In 2020, I partnered with two talented individuals, Zach and Dale, to take Quest to the next level. Throughout Canada and the US, we continue to expand the Quest brand and have added Melissa, Josh, Nick, and Mike to our team.

The Quest Carbon team is proud to be based in Atlantic Canada, working together to build a premium bike company one customer at a time.


Quest is committed to leaving a legacy that allows more riders to feel the joy of pushing themselves and their goals to the limit on a carbon fiber bike. We are Quest Carbon Cycles. We build premium Carbon Fiber Bicycles.

Our goal is to create a community of health and wellness through cycling. Our mission is to create this legacy through a commitment to our clients. To provide exceptional experience and a strong community.


As an athlete, cyclist, and entrepreneur I committed to launch Quest Carbon Cycles, as an ecommerce business that aims to position the Fundy Coast and Atlantic Canada as top-tier bike producers and destinations. We're very fortunate to have some amazing support from some brilliant minds. By chance, these brilliant minds ended up in Moncton and have offered their world class skills to help us become a world class brand.

There is nothing more enjoyable to me than brewing a cup of Epoch Chemistry coffee, filling the thermos, and riding my Grinta or Flurry to the Petitcodiac River early in the morning and enjoying the first rays of the day.


I joined the team at Quest Carbon Cycles in 2021 as Operations Manager. As an avid runner and mountain biker, my job allows me to combine my career, lifestyle, and passion for all things outdoors. Being able to do that while creating a new kind of bike company is very exciting.

 At Quest, it is my job to take something as personal as building the perfect bike for you and make it a client-centered experience unlike anything else you buy online. From designing your ride to delivery and beyond, I am committed to exceeding your expectations.

I am so excited to be building the Quest brand and at the end of each day have the ability to enjoy the amazing trails at our doorstep.


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