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Welcome to Quest Carbon Cycles. Take a moment to imagine you're on top of your favourite riding track. You can smell the green of the trees, feel the wind blowing against your face, and smell the fresh scent of nature. Everything is perfect.

While riding, you are completely focused on doing the finest you can. Your body knows exactly how to move at any given time. Time does not exist. All that exists is now. As a single entity, the trail, your bike, your body, and your consciousness are all one. Immersed in the experience, you are not thinking about or distracted by anything else. As a result, your ego dissolves, and you become part of the journey. By riding, we are able to completely immerse ourselves at the moment to mentally "check out" and repair our spirits for the day ahead. 

The Quest journey began over four years ago when we started searching for the highest quality carbon fiber to build our bikes. After extensive research, trials, and scouting trips around the world, we found our path. All Quest carbon bikes are crafted with 100% Japanese Toray (PAN) carbon fiber. With its leading position in the global carbon fiber industry, Toray ensures that our riders will receive the most consistent and highest quality bike frames.

Quest makes carbon bikes to meet the highest quality and specifications, making every cycle as unique as the rider. A relentless focus on three values helps us meet this commitment: carbon fiber of the highest quality, premium components with multiple build options, and an unparalleled level of personalized service.

It's our mission to create and grow Quest, so we choose high-quality components from great brands like Fox, Shimano, SRAM, RaceFace, Schwalbe and Maxxis. Quest believes that riders deserve the best, and we make our choices with that philosophy in mind.

With multiple build options and top-tier components, we aim to give you a buying and riding experience you won't forget. At Quest Carbon, we want your carbon fiber bike to match your exact riding tastes and preferences. It's your bike, your way.

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